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a faerie takes care of the creatures on the beach / model; AnastasiaDaysshe / outdoors
a faerie takes care of the creatures on the beach / model; AnastasiaDaysshe / outdoors

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faerie keeping notes of all natures little wonders / model; AnastasiaDaysshe

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moonlight and night time faerie on the beach / model: AnastasiaDaysshe , night shots

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faerie releasing the moon from a shell, night time at the beach, fantasy art, photo enhancement / model; AnastasiaDaysshe

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retouch old photos: alter photos with a new or modified background [b+w] creative retouch

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retouch photos: combined and merge photos for special gifts, posters, cards or memorabilia double exposure combined images

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snake tie. fantasy art, photo enhancement spot color partial b+w / Makeup Artist; Jen Noa / Model; JacineJ / Snake Handler; E.Papps

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High quality Photo retouch and restoration work on photo that was stuck to broken glass and has numerous spots and stains. Photos cannot be removed from glass but can be digitalized to edit and removed marked and stained areas and enhance the photo. Located in Victoria BC

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Music CD cover art; Jim Moffatt Live At Crystal Gardens. cover with sample of Virtual settings. Original studio shot converted to virtual train station and edited for cover. art and poster photography for performers. musician studio shoot

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Live performances do not always have the best lighting. Here is a sample of a live performance shot in poor light and post production enhancement.

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special effects digital art B&W - kaleidoscope

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Fun portraiture shot in the style of true romance. even a good shot can sometimes use photo enhancements to change the mood and create a more dramatic look. this shot was taken at 3:00 in the afternoon.

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a retouch comparison taking a personal snap shot and removing junk, replacing the background balancing the neck line

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This image was brought to me as a 1 meg 888 x 1180 px png image the client needed it cropped and enlarged to a 24 x36 print. the shadows were softened, the eyes were brightened and the background was put out of focus

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This is a case with some special requests. To fix the cracks and if possible subdue the people in the background. which was done with some soft focus and some enhanced light fall off.

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some slides tend to age and turn red, others were developed that way or taken in poor light, but they can be enhanced. Sometime the enhancement can be a great deal, sometimes just closer to NORMAL than the faded red. Whatever the case. We take care to get the best scan of your slides.. or if you have a favorite memory, we will do out utmost to revive it to the way it should look.

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Not all pictures can be made perfect.. but if one of a few rare images on an individual. It is precious and we work to make every retouch job, the best rendition of that precious moment. To recover all the possible detail the image has to offer. Retouch brighten and retain details

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Once again this is one of the few photos the child( now an adult) had of him and his grandfather.He wanted it cropped and blown up and what ever I could do to show his grandfathers face. Retouch brighten and retain detail

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This was a photo of a favorite horse the client wanted a photograph of, but the only way she could get it to stand in the water was to stand with it. So she request a major edit to remove her and enhance the colors. and remove the lump from the right back leg.

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Here is a case of the one that almost FADED away. You can notice that it was enhanced to be brighter... but look carefully, it is not always a simple job when photos fade... this one had a lot of stains that had to be fixed or it would have be a very ugly brighter photo.

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